Togethr.TV 1.0.0
  • Brand new design!
Togethr.TV 0.9.2
  • Switched from Flash to Html5 for the video player.
  • Significantly improved the video synchronization engine.
  • Added a microphone feature, enabling you to speak with the other users in your room.
  • Added YouTube autocomplete results in the search bar.
  • Added buttons in the related items. You can now queue items in the playlist directly from the related tab.
  • Added buttons in the playlist items. You can now delete items from the playlist.
  • Added ability for admins to turn on/off another user's microphone by toggling between his communications rights.
  • Added a Chrome extension. You can use it to create a room with a single click from any supported websites.
  • Added a playlist video tab count. You can now keep track of the playlist size by looking at the playlist tab.
  • Fixed many bugs.
Togethr.TV 0.9.1
  • Added playlist feature. Enabling you to add your favorites videos in the playlist queue.
  • Added a notification in the title of the page. You’ll never miss any action from your room.
  • Added some new notifications directly in the chat, so you’ll have more infos about what happened in your room.
  • Added autoplay feature. When you load a new video, the video will start playing automatically.
  • Added https support.
  • Increased dramatically the speed of our servers, thanks to Microsoft BizSpark!
  • Optimized the video synchronization.
  • Fixed many bugs.
Togethr.TV 0.9
  • Share your room on Facebook/Twitter/Google+. Buttons were added under the video to share your current room with friends on your favorite social network.
  • You can now browse and watch YouTube related videos. Note that you can put your mouse over videos to see their titles and descriptions.
  • Easier way to copy the room link. Click on the copy button under the video to automatically copy the link of the room to share with your friends.
  • Added user rights so users can have better control over their rooms. For more information, please consult the user rights section in the FAQ here.
  • Allow users to watch videos from any site.
  • Follow/Like us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+. Support Togethr.TV by liking/following our official pages on social networks.
  • Flash player detection. If you don't have flash player installed in your browser, you will get a warning message.
  • Notification system enhanced to give even more information on room your activities. For more information, please consult the notification system section in the FAQ here.
  • A "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section was added in the navigation bar.
  • Added a chat history. A user will see messages that were sent in the chat before he joined the room.
Togethr.TV 0.8.1
Togethr.TV 0.8
  • Title support for YouTube videos
  • Demo video in navigation bar
  • Improved loading speed
  • Added news page and about page
Togethr.TV 0.7

Togethr.TV team is proud to present you our new layout, we hope you will love it!